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Tuesdays from 4:00 – 5:00 PM, ADMI Lower Level Conference Room

April 25

Aaron Seitz, PhD

University of California Riverside and Brain Games Center

Topic: The Promise of Brain Training Games: Imagine if you could see better, hear better, have improved memory, and even become more intelligent through training done on your own computer, smartphone, or tablet. Just as physical fitness underwent a revolution in the 20th century, brain fitness is being transformed through innovations in psychology, neuroscience and computer science. I discuss recent research that begins to unlock this potential in the context of training vision and how to apply similar principles to achieve more effective training for other cognitive abilities. I discuss the substantial potential of the field to help those with cognitive limitations, current obstacles to progress, and paths to overcoming these obstacles through research. 

May 2

Research meeting canceled for Whole Exome Sequencing Case Review 

May 9

Chris Chabris, PhD & Andrew Michael, PhD

Geisinger Health System Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute

Topic: TBD

May 30

Michael Kruer, MD

Phoenix Children's Medical Group - Neurology

Topic: TBD

June 6

Research meeting canceled for Whole Exome Sequencing Case Review 

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